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Apply these principles to develop long lasting business relationships with your clients.

The Targeted Response Blog was created to empower individuals and companies, large and small, with the necessary knowledge required to build a meaningful and responsive clientèle, which could then be used to develop a sustainable livelihood for them.

In my experience, I have personally witnessed, brilliant individuals in their respective fields, who lacked the basic understanding of direct response advertising, and as a result struggled with achieving a sustainable income.

In truth, the principles of direct response advertising should really not need to be as confusing and perplexing as people may actually think they are. The confusion lies in the publics’ perception of what advertising is, based upon their personal observations of how large corporations advertise.

Large corporations generally advertise, mainly to appease their stockholders and sales force. Were they to apply the teachings found on this site in practical terms, they could find themselves easily increasing their profit margins by at least 300 %.

That may sound like a bold claim, but it’s actually VERY conservative. And I do mean VERY.

That’s because right now their advertising is designed to entertain and win awards. As opposed to doing what advertising is really intended to do.


The principles of direct response advertising are in fact based upon a working knowledge of actual selling. And duplicate that model, for either print, television or radio broadcasts (or any other media that delivers messages to its audience).

It’s essential that you have this working understanding as a basis for your future education, since the foundation of direct response advertising is rock solid. And has contributed to the unusual success of countless individuals and small companies that applied its teachings stringently and went from practically nothing to multi million dollar empires (as well as multi billion dollar empires) in a very short period of time, relatively speaking.

You are about to be exposed to what actually works, as opposed to what most people experience. Which s nothing more than fluff and impractical advice. Some of my greatest successes were with people who are extremely doubtful and skeptical by nature and needed to be shown several times that this was no fluke accident when they experienced unusual success after applying one or more of the principles I teach.

Use the principles found on this site to your advantage.

Also, keep in mind that any links that lead to products outside this site are essential tools which you will need to grow your business and market more effectively. I encourage you to get them.

Some of these tools are free. While others carry a price tag to them.

I understand and hope that more and more people from all over the world will be reading and sharing this blog with their friends from all over the world (many who may not have the financial resources to pay for premium products). For this reason, I will be actively searching for and providing links to helpful tools that are free as well, so that these people can begin making money as well, as soon as possible.

It is important to me as a human being and a professional marketing consultant that these people too are empowered to succeed and make it with the little they have, so that they too can improve the quality of life they experience with their families and friends, regardless of where they live in the world.

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As you read through my posts, you will notice that what is written, is down to earth and makes sense. What I am sharing with you, very few would attempt to do. Since I am providing you with an immediate working knowledge to begin making money from the time you begin to apply what you have read.

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